A Typical Day

We know that children thrive on daily routine as it gives them a sense of security; so we ensure each day is carefully structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities too.

Arrival & breakfast

Children arrive. Parents may leave their pushchairs in our secure outdoor locker. For those who want breakfast, this is when the children will sit together to eat a nutritious and delicious first meal.

Circle time

All the children sit together and we sing and do the actions to songs and nursery rhymes. We talk about the days of the week, the weather and the theme for that week. Smaller groups are formed to take part in the learning and development areas.

Structured activities

We have both adult-led activities as well as child-led activities. We provide a stimulating environment to help each child enjoy the resources available. Our structured activities include baking, threading, ball games, art and crafts.

Free play activities

During free play, children can choose to play and explore the setting – there are numerous toys that are constantly updated to inspire children to use their imagination and enable them to learn through intellectual play.

Story time

Our children enjoy us bringing stories to life; they too get involved through puppets and props. We encourage our children to have a love of books, stories, songs and poems.


Our children eat together either food provided by parents or our own delicious and wholesome freshly prepared meals. Monthly meal plans are emailed to parents in advance.
Example Menu
Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 3

Afternoon nap

Learning through play can be tiring and all children will need some sleep during the day. We respect parents’ routines and our children take a nap in our cosy bedroom with their favourite toy.

Circle time 2

Children’s vocabulary and communication skills are encouraged, they learn through singing songs and rhymes. We talk about different topics, and spend time singing and dancing.

Weekly theme

Each week we select a theme such as animals, shapes, patterns, transport for example and we use this theme to support the seven key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Tea time

This is our final meal of the day when all the children sit together to enjoy their food. Mealtimes are social at Shannon ChildCare and we encourage children to try new tastes and textures and to feed themselves.

Winding down time

This is the time for books, toys and free play activities as the children wind down for the day; nestling in for a story or they are free to explore and play before their parents come to collect them.
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