Babies, Toddlers and Young Children


Shannon ChildCare believes the “home from home” approach works best.  We care for babies from 4 months to 5 years.  If you have a routine for your child, we will endeavour to provide continuity of care.  The most important feature of all is that your child feels secure, loved and cared for. With these three ingredients their learning is vast.

We are there at every stage of your baby’s development, from weaning to potty training. Our knowledgeable teams are experts in all these milestones and can provide help and advice to our parents.  We help children achieve their learning goals and carry on the hard work you have already put in!


At our nursery, your child will enjoy various activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, story time, singing and music.  We start teaching our children phonic sounds and providing mathematical activities from a very early age. We also set aside plenty of time for physical play and free play. We have a large range of up to date imaginative toys, designed to challenge your child intellectually. At Shannon ChildCare we encourage independence in learning.

Young Children

Our learning curriculum encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) principles together with Montessori style activities. We provide our children with a wealth of learning opportunities all through play.

Our children learn ‘Life Skills’: from how to put on their clothes to helping clear up after eating including how to hold writing instruments properly. All our play activities are designed to challenge your child’s cognitive skills. At Shannon ChildCare we provide both adult-led activities as well as free play learning time.

We are proud to say that the majority of children within our care exceed the Governments Early Learning Goals and are certainly ‘School Ready’ for Reception.

Shannon ChildCare’s aim is to give your child the best start in life.

“Staff teach children about letters and sounds very effectively through structured, fun sessions which focus on songs and stories. As a result, children learn exceptionally well.”

“Thank you so much for the warmth and care you have given Molly. She has loved coming to your setting for the past two and a half years and she feels like it’s a home away from home. All your girls are amazing and we will miss you all.”

Fran, Dan & Molly xxx

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