At our Edgware based children’s nursery, we observe the children as set out in the Government’s framework, the Early Years Foundation Stage which allows each child’s progress to be monitored and recorded.  At Shannon ChildCare, we completely respect that children do develop at their own rate and we aim to thoroughly support them through this journey.  This method allows us to evaluate the best way of planning specific activities tailored to your children’s needs which in turn will stimulate their learning and we believe that our children have plenty of fun while they learn…

Prime Areas

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Designed to help children to relate to others and be able to look after themselves.  We work closely with the children to help them develop positive attitude and self-confidence; we do this by making sure that they feel safe, secure and have a complete feeling of trust in us.

Communication & Language

To become effective communicators, children must be with those they are comfortable with, who they know and trust. Our nursery setting provides your child with a secure, safe and relaxed environment where they learn these skills from our experienced carers.

Physical Development

Our large outside area has many outdoor toys which help the children in their physical development.  We actively involve children in physical games and we have excellent gross motor-skill specific toys such as tunnels, the ball pit, slides and swings.

“Children have excellent opportunities to practice their drawing and early writing skills through creative activities.”

Specific Areas


We help our children develop this skill through conversation, reading and role-play.  We believe children develop their confidence and competence in communicating by listening to stories and at our nursery, we take time to talk about and explain the stories which leads to conversation.


Babies and children begin to learn about the beginnings of mathematics which occurs as they recognise patterns. They then start making connections by working with numbers, counting, sorting and matching shapes and space.

Understanding of the world

Focuses on how babies and children learn about the world and their surroundings.  We actively encourage their curiosity through exploration in a variety of sources.  They learn from their own home, their family and friends and the media as well as through what they see and hear at our nursery.

Expressive arts & design

Children must be supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. Their learning is supported through offering opportunities for them to use a range of tools safely.

“The staff have created a stimulating and inspirational environment where all children are thoroughly excited and eager to learn”

My day sheet

We know how important it is not to miss a single thing about your child’s development and their day at Shannon ChildCare. We can’t show you every second but we can make sure that you know what your child has done during the day, what they’ve achieved and see how much they have enjoyed themselves; who they have played with, what toys they have used, what books they have been read. This information is shared through our unique group Facebook page; you have to be a member to view this material.

We fill out a Day Sheet for you at the end of every day your child spends with us. This sheet carefully details everything they have eaten, if they have had a nap and any key milestones they have reached. We also document how many nappies they have used, if they have been successful with potty training, and anything we think you would like to know. This Day Sheet lays the foundations for our “Development File” which we have on each child. This file monitors and plans their learning.
Additionally, we take many photographs and videos of your children which we share with you regularly. Of course, these photographs are not used elsewhere unless we expressly have permission from the parents.

“Partnerships with parents are exceptional.”

“Staff demonstrate a sensitive awareness of children’s individual care needs.”

Menus & nutrition

We understand the importance of providing healthy, well balanced and interesting meals for our children. Ensuring a variety of different and delicious foods means that children really enjoy and look forward to mealtimes.

We have a varied menu of freshly prepared meals and we offer different food every day. Parents are emailed our monthly menus.

The majority of our menus are vegetarian, however we can include, if requested, top quality meat and fish. We use fresh fruit and vegetables within all our meals. Of course, we are able to cater for special dietary requirements; you just need to ask us first and please let us know about any allergies your child may have. We do incur an extra charge for providing food and parents are welcome to provide their own meals if they wish.

Our children participate in breakfast, lunch and tea together which as well as being lots of fun, helps them to communicate with each other, develop a sense of community and also appreciate food. Whatever stage they are at, from weaning to eating full meals, we see nursery mealtimes as a pleasurable and jolly time of day and so do our children, we feel that learning how to eat should be fun, and we actively encourage our children to explore food, texture and taste whilst developing the ability to use cutlery.

“Children have very good dietary habits. They happily select fruit and vegetables at snack times and eat nutritionally balanced, appetising meals.”

“Meal times are social occasions where children sit together and talk. They enjoy chatting to staff and each other which promotes a positive attitude towards mealtimes.”

Example menu

Breakfast: Cereal, toast / croissants with jam
Lunch: Spanish Vegetarian Paella with broccoli, peas, sweetcorn and cucumber (Babies the same). Baby waffle with plums and pears for desert.
Tea: Alaskan Salmon Burger / Quorn fillet, roasted baby potatoes, butternut squash and steamed carrots with fruit yoghurt for dessert.
Snacks: Assorted fruits and vegetable crudités, raisins, rice cakes and fruit bread.

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