All parents are provided with an overview of Shannon ChildCare’s learning and development curriculum. Working with parents to help our children’s learning provides a unified approach to supporting our children’s progress.

Communication, Phonics & Literacy
Our Nursery environment is conducive to providing an interest in books, communication and language development.

Our Carers are highly skilled at interacting with our children from encouraging our babies to babble to aiding our children to expand their sentences. Due to our superb understanding of child linguistic development our children become confident and inquisitive communicators. Through ‘open style questioning’ our Carer’s support our children’s curiosity, encouraging them to naturally explore and think for themselves. These skills are key to their future success.

We encourage our children to enjoy books by bringing them to life through Story Sacks, puppet shows, songs and rhymes. Our children, of all ages, relish our Circle Time when we sing and do actions to the songs.

At Shannon ChildCare, we introduce our children to Jolly Phonics, from an early age, using a multi-sensory approach each letter sound is introduced with fun actions, stories and songs. With early alphabet and phonic recognition, using our enjoyable reading systems, our children start to blend the letters, ready for reading and spelling.

The Shannon ChildCare planning encourages our children to hold their writing instruments correctly: teaching them also to use one-handed tools (safe scissors). Providing our children with numerous resources to gain excellent hand and eye co-ordination. Our enabling environment offers mark-making activities including shaving foam to basic letter formation, encouraging our children to form letters properly. Our method of learning is through having fun and the children thoroughly enjoy their days at Shannon ChildCare.

Again, making learning fun is easy with our superb activities. Our unique approach to teaching has our toddlers gaining number recognition at an early age. Learning the names of different shapes, even 3D!

We introduce our children to mathematical language; talking about quantity, weight, size and positioning. A variety of learning activities are implemented through play and reciting nursery rhymes. At Shannon ChildCare we teach number recognition and learn the basics of ‘one more, one less’ in counting. This ensures our children are ‘School Ready’ and have a thirst for learning.

Science & The World
During your child’s time at Shannon ChildCare they will gain an understanding of the world around them. You will be amazed with the knowledge they will gain through our imaginative teachings. Our children are encouraged to explore and learn about all areas of life and our weekly themes help expand their learning.

British Values
At Shannon ChildCare we believe in teaching young children to celebrate and respect our differences. Promoting care, pride and knowledge of the wider world. Learning to be kind to others and all living things.

Arts & Crafts
Through our adult and child-led activities in arts and crafts our children learn to be imaginative. Our children can choose and use the resources and materials to create their own ideas.

Shannon ChildCare’s numerous role-play areas enable our children to use their creativity and interact with one another, this in turn stimulates their imaginative play.

Life Skills & More
Our children learn through play and we have expanded our planning to incorporate Montessori initiated activities. Every week we run different Themes; these are to enhance our children’s knowledge and verbal skills. They are rotated throughout the year to benefit your child’s learning.

At Shannon ChildCare our young children are encouraged to do the following:

  • Help set up the breakfast / lunch / dinner table
  • Wash their hands before eating
  • Pour water / milk into cups
  • Butter their own toast
  • Help clear up their food after eating
  • Learning to use a knife and fork
  • Learning to brush their teeth
  • Learning about healthy eating and food choices
  • Learning to dress and undress
  • Learning good manners

All these are life skills, which are brilliant when learnt at an early age. Our aim is to give your child the best start in life.

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