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Shannon ChildCare has a 5 Star Hygiene rating. We understand the importance of providing healthy, well-balanced and interesting meals for our children. Ensuring a variety of different and delicious foods means that children really enjoy and look forward to mealtimes.

Alyson Shannon attained a Level 3 Nutritional qualification and she ensures that the Nursery provides a varied menu of freshly prepared meals every day. Our lunch and tea-time meals are always cooked. We aim to use a variety of proteins in the form of pulses and beans within our recipes. Parents are emailed our weekly menus and we are constantly trying different dishes. The children enjoy our food so much they usually have seconds and many parents ask us for our recipes!

The majority of our menus are vegetarian, however we can include, if requested, top quality meat and fish. We use fresh fruit and vegetables within all our meals. Of course, we are able to cater for special dietary requirements, additionally, please let us know about any allergies your child may have. We do incur an extra charge for providing food and parents are welcome to provide their own meals if they wish.

Mealtimes are a social occasion whereby all our children sit together at a table. Whatever stage they are at, from weaning to eating full meals, we see nursery mealtimes as a pleasurable and jolly time of day and so do our children, we feel that learning how to eat should be fun, and we actively encourage our children to explore food, texture and taste whilst developing the ability to use cutlery.

Examples of Menus:

Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 3

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