A Typical Day

We know that children thrive on daily routine as it gives them a sense of security. Therefore we ensure each day is carefully structured whilst leaving enough time for spontaneous activities to take place too. For babies requiring a morning sleep there are rooms, made available, with mattresses and cot beds; we follow your routine as much as possible.

You will be able to share your child’s day through the photographs and video footage we take daily, this is imparted through our secure site.

Arrival & breakfast
Children arrive and sit down together to enjoy breakfast. There is a selection and rotation of various cereals, porridge and toast with different toppings i.e. cream cheese, 100% fruit jam. Our children eat heartily.

Circle time
All our children enjoy Circle Time, this is when we sing songs and learn actions to nursery rhymes. We talk about our Theme of the Week, teaching our children about the world around them, talking about safety, days of the week and months of the year. We also hold ‘Small Circle Language Groups’ for our children. Babies can have their morning nap.

Structured activities 
At Shannon ChildCare we have both adult-led and child-led activities. We provide a stimulating, rich environment to help each child enjoy the resources available.  Our structured activities include baking, threading, learning to write numbers, letters and numerous art and craft ideas. We also incorporate Montessori Initiated Ideas within our planning; this expands our children’s senses and ‘Life Skills’.

Free play activities During free play, children can choose to play and explore the setting – there are numerous toys that are rotated to inspire children to use their imagination and enable them to learn through intellectual play. We encourage outdoor play and our Mud Kitchen is greatly relished by our little friends.
Story time
Our children love it when we bring stories to life; they too get involved through puppets and props. We encourage our children to have a love of books, stories, music, songs and poems.


All our children eat together. Food time is a social experience whereby our practitioners are there supporting our children to try our delicious and wholesome fresh meals, created by our in-house chef. Our weekly menu is emailed to all parents in advance.
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Afternoon nap
Learning through play can be tiring and all children, except pre-schoolers, will need some sleep during the day. We respect parents’ routines and our children have a nap in our cosy rooms with their favourite toy/comforter if they have one.
Circle time 2
Children’s vocabulary and communication skills are encouraged during Circle Time. We often use microphones to encourage children’s confidence by allowing them to hold and speak into it. They learn through talking about different topics and spending time singing and dancing.
Weekly theme
Each week we select a theme such as animals, transport, the body, food, people in our community etc. Themes are rotated throughout the year to embed knowledge and we use them to support the seven key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
Tea Time
This is our final hot meal of the day when our children sit together to enjoy their food. We teach our children table manners and how to use cutlery. As the children grow up they are given additional responsibilities i.e. ‘Special Helper’, learning to pour water and help themselves to food.
Winding down time 
This is the time for books, toys and free play activities as the children wind down for the day; some enjoy flicking through books, others explore and play before their parents come to collect them.

"The provider uses her extensive early years knowledge and skills to provide staff routinely with guidance and coaching.
This ensures that very high standards of care and education are maintained"