Physical Development

Our children revel in the plethora of different activities we provide to aid their fine and gross motor skills. The Shannon ChildCare planning encourages our children to hold their writing instruments correctly and we also teach how to use one-handed tools (safe scissors) providing our children with numerous resources to gain excellent hand and eye co-ordination. Our enabling environment offers mark-making activities including shaving foam to basic letter formation, encouraging our children to form letters properly. Our method of learning is through having fun and the children thoroughly enjoy their days at our nurseries.

Our outdoor areas range from artificial grass, for babies to crawl, to a ‘Mud Kitchen’ for children to explore. Within the baby house we have all the resources (walkers, rockers, sea-saws etc.) to encourage our children to achieve their next milestones. A variety of climbing and balancing equipment is provided in each nursery.

Health and self-care are important factors in any child’s development. We are here to help you from teaching your child to hold a bottle, use a spoon, fork and knife to learning toileting and self-care routines.

Understanding the importance of eating well and doing exercise for a healthy life style is also part of our curriculum.

“Children negotiate space confidently as they climb through tyres, balance on low wooden beams and manoeuvre wheeled toys around the garden.”