Transitioning your child to our toddler nursery is seamless as we have special rotas and routines that enable our children to feel secure as they progress from one house to another. At the toddler house your child will enjoy various activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, yoga, story time, singing and music.  Again, all the amenities in this house are dedicated to our toddler age group. At Shannon ChildCare we start teaching our children phonic sounds and providing mathematical activities from a very early age. We also set aside plenty of time for physical play and free play. We have a large range of up to date imaginative toys, designed to challenge your child intellectually. At Shannon ChildCare we encourage independence in learning.

Our outdoor area incorporates a Mud Kitchen, which the children thoroughly enjoy. We also have a large selection of playhouses, climbing frames, balancing equipment including an area for herb and vegetable growing. We believe in using the outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting.

“Planning and assessment of all children is highly effective, rigorous and sharply focused”