Shannon ChildCare believes the ‘home from home’ approach works best. We are unique in that we have a house purely dedicated to the care of babies. This enables us to provide our little friends with an environment entirely adapted for their age group.

All the activities and toys are age and stage appropriate. We are extremely creative and provide inspiring ideas to help our babies be explorative. If you have a routine for your child, we will endeavour to provide continuity of care. The most important feature of all is that your child feels secure, loved and cared for. With these three ingredients, their learning with us is vast.

Our outdoor area is perfect for babies; there is artificial grass at the bottom of the garden and a wide range of climbing apparatus, slides, train track and cars for our little friends to enjoy. At the top of the decking we have a special covered area, to shield our babies from the outdoor weather conditions.

We are there at every stage of your baby’s development, from weaning to potty training. Our knowledgeable teams are experts in all these milestones and can provide help and advice to our parents. We group our children according to their milestones and help them achieve their learning goals; we carry on the hard work you have already put in!

“Highly robust, thorough recruitment procedures and extremely lengthy initial training help to ensure staff are eminently suitable to carry out their responsibilities”