Understanding The World

During their time at Shannon ChildCare, your child will gain an understanding of the world around them. You will be amazed with the knowledge they acquire through our imaginative teaching and learning methodology. Our children are encouraged to explore and learn about all areas of life from wildlife to transportation. We teach through a weekly theme to provide context, making learning meaningful for children. Our weekly theme ideas help expand and embed their learning.

They learn about people within their community and gain an understanding of different cultures and faiths, and we celebrate different festivities. At Shannon ChildCare we believe in teaching young children to celebrate and respect our differences.

We teach our children about the environment, the importance of looking after our planet and we incorporate activities to encourage promoting care, pride and knowledge of the wider world. Learning to be kind to others and all living things.

Understanding the use of technology in today’s world is essential for every child’s future. We introduce our children to age and stage appropriate equipment. We make learning fun in all areas using apps and computer software. All learning opportunities are carefully and meticulously planned.

“Children learn about similarities and differences between themselves and others in the local and wider community. For instance, they play with a wealth of toys and creative resources, that depict positive images of diversity and also visit local care homes to help children gain a deep empathy for others.”