Pre- Schoolers

Our learning curriculum encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) principles together with Montessori style activities. We provide our children with a wealth of learning opportunities all through play.

Our children learn ‘Life Skills’: from how to put on their clothes to helping clear up after eating and how to hold writing instruments properly. All our play activities are designed to challenge your child’s cognitive skills. At Shannon ChildCare we provide both adult-led activities as well as free play learning time.

Many activities we do, such as letter recognition, tracing letters of the alphabet, memory games and phonics blending, develop children’s literacy skills from an early age.

We also operate a ‘library’ system whereby your child chooses a book to take home each week, returns it the following week, and takes another one. Whilst we incorporate many reading activities in our pre-school setting to help nurture a love of books, we also feel it is important for this to be extended to their home environment and we enjoy giving them the independence to choose what they would like to read next.

Our curriculum is also designed to give children this age a deeper sense and understanding of the world around them. Recycling unwanted materials, planting herbs and teaching children how to use water and electricity efficiently are just some of the activities we do in order to help develop their critical thinking skills and knowledge of how best to treat the planet.

We are proud to say that the majority of children within our care exceed the Government’s Early Learning Goals and are certainly ‘School Ready’ for Reception. Shannon ChildCare’s aim is to give your child the best start in life.

“Children boldly rise to new challenges and make outstanding progress across all areas of their learning and development”