Making learning fun is easy with our superb activities. Our unique approach to teaching and learning has our toddlers gaining number recognition at an early age. We also focus on the names of different shapes, two dimensional and 3D, and the idea of quantity. Ensuring children are able to apply this knowledge to the world around them is at the heart of our methodology. We introduce our children to mathematical language; talking about quantity, weight, size and positioning. A variety of learning activities are implemented through play and reciting nursery rhymes. At Shannon ChildCare we teach number recognition and learn the basics of ‘one more, one less’ in counting. This ensures our children are ‘School Ready’ and have an eagerness for mathematical learning. Below are some of the activities we do to help develop children’s mathematical knowledge:

“Young children are highly effective communicators. They confidently name colours, compare sizes, and count the soft play animals they see.”