Communication, Phonics & Literacy

Our nursery environment is conducive to providing an interest in books, communication and language development.

Our carers are highly skilled at interacting with children, from encouraging our babies to babble to aiding our children to extend their sentences, modelling new words to expand vocabulary. Due to our superb understanding of child linguistic development, our children become confident and inquisitive communicators. Through ‘open style questioning’ our carer’s support our children’s curiosity, encouraging critical thinking skills, key to your child’s future success.

We inspire our children to enjoy books and poems by bringing them to life through story sacks, puppet shows, songs and rhymes. Our children, of all ages, relish our Circle Time activities when we sing, do actions to the songs including learning about the world around them.

At Shannon ChildCare, we use Jolly Phonics; we introduce letter sounds, from an early age. We use a multi-sensory approach; each letter sound is introduced with fun actions, stories and songs. With early alphabet and phonic recognition, and our enjoyable reading systems, our children start to blend the letters, ready for reading and spelling.

“Children readily engage in conversation. Staff question skilfully, extending children's thinking and speaking skills effectively”