Are Kids Yogurts Healthy?

By Alyson Shannon

Yogurts are often categorised as a healthy option for children, and rightly so. Yogurts are advertised to be laced with calcium and protein that can help children develop strong bones and teeth and thus, are parents’ choice for a healthy snack. However, new research suggests that it may not always be such a healthy option and it is paramount that parents’ double check the sugar levels and disregard the fruity, fun imagery that Yogurts represent.

Many ready-made prepared Yogurts bought in shops are in fact packed with added sugar, which means that they can often do more harm than good. Researchers from the University of Leeds and the University of Surrey analysed more than 900 Yogurts and found that just 2% of those aimed at children could be classed as low in sugar. An alarming figure for a food type that is categorised as healthy. Children’s Yogurts typically contained 10.8g per 100g, the equivalent of more than two sugar cubes, the study found.

We suggest, for parents who are still confused with the amount of sugars that their children consume, a guaranteed healthy Yogurt snack is plain Low-Fat Greek and natural Yogurts – and then add in fresh fruit or honey to suit your child. But if you want something flavoured and are looking to buy ready to eat kids’ pots, we suggest Yeo Valley and Piccolo as the best sugar-free and low sugar Yogurts for youngsters. If your child is lactose intolerant we suggest Alpo, a range of diary free Yogurts, that are plant based: Yeo Valley

Naturally high in protein, this proper organic bio live Yogurt has no added sugar, only milk’s naturally occurring sugar (Lactose). Yeo Valley also sells Little Yeos organic Strawberry and Vanilla and Mango and Vanilla fromage frais in packs of six 45g pots.  They contain real fruit purée and are sweetened with organic concentrated fruit juice. There are Little Yeos 4 organic fruity favourite Yogurts too – Strawberry, Peach Apricot and Raspberry. The organic Yogurt is blended with a smooth fruit purée. Piccolo

The organic baby food brand is made from 100% natural organic ingredients.

Its Piccolo Pear; Strawberry & Blackberry Yoghurt with Wholegrain Oats comes in a 100g pouch. There is no added salt or sugar and the ingredients are 39% Pear, 30% whole milk Yogurt, 22% Strawberry, 6% Blackberry, with wholemeal oat flour and lemon juice concentrate.


Alpro is inspired by Coconut, Almond, Soy, Hazelnut, Rice and Oat drinks, an alternative to dairy based Yogurts. The benefits include they are nutritious and a source of high quality soya protein, naturally low in saturated fats. This product is easily digestible as it is naturally lactose free.

Here’s a quick round up of popular Yogurts to avoid because of their high number of sugar cubes:

4.9 cubes – Muller Corner

4.7 cubes – Aldi Brooklea (own brand)

4.5 cubes – Asda own brand

3.3 cubes – Smarties (Nestle)

2.6 cubes – Ski (Nestle)

2.2 cubes – Lidl Milbona (own brand)

2.1 cubes – Petits Filous (Yoplait)

2 cubes – Munch Bunch (Nestle)

Each cube = 4g of added sugar